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Sports Injuries 

Chiropractic care is an excellent addition to sports care treatment programs. Using spinal and extremity adjustments, physical therapy, exercise programs, and dietary and nutritional counselling; athletes will experience increased performance and reduced risk of injury. Chiropractic care can help to improve range of motion, flexibility, balance, coordination, joint proprioception, body symmetry and agility which are all critical for athletic performance.

Chiropractic care works both in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries and is equally recommended in preventing future injuries. Chiropractic care centres on the cause of the injury rather than only looking at the symptoms. Pain relief is great but it is insufficient with regard to managing sports injuries. Chiropractic treatments help athletes recover from injuries more quickly than other methods of care, as well as minimising the risk of future injuries.

Contact sports such as soccer and football expose the cervical and lumber spine to injuries resulting in advanced degenerative change in later years; it is wise to have a spinal assessment before partaking in any sporting activities. 

Injuries are our best teachers!

So what can you do to ensure good posture is maintained?

  • Exercise regularly to keep abdominal muscles strong. This helps support the spine.
  • Avoid carrying heavy items to one side (example a heavy bag worn over a shoulder).
  • Always bend at the knees, not the back, and quickly drop the load if it’s too heavy.
  • When standing your feet should be shoulder width apart.
  • Use a lumbar roll or back support to support the lower back. Maintain an arch. 
  • Leave your computer screen every 20 minutes and stretch and stroll for a minute.
  • Cross ankles rather than knees when sitting.
  • Don’t tighten up muscles when in the straight posture. Relax into it.
  • Sit with back against chair, and knees in line with your hips.
  • At desk, arms should be flexed at a 70 to 90 degree angle to elbows.
  • Walk tall. Think of pulling the entire body upwards towards the sky
  • A supportive bed and pillow is essential for good posture